We actively work on environmental consciousness
which is one of the most important issues in our business.

As a manufacturer, we work hard to develop ecological products and techniques. In addition, we promote production activities with concern for environmental preservation and reduction of environmental impact in all processes: development, manufacturing, disposal, and recycling.We contribute to the realization of a zero-emission, sustainable society through our business conduct.


An approach to plastic recycling

We recycle plastic industrial waste in the compounding process by combining the techniques of our various business fields.

Plastic compounding

Resin Compounding Technique
We use a plastic compounding technique to recycle plastic industrial waste.

Sales of Recycled Plastics

Sales network and analysis of recycled plastics
We grasp the characteristics of recycled materials which are mainly derived from pallets. We then propose proper applications through our sales network.

Logistics Service

The transport and recall capacity of our logistics service
We use logictics service functions (pickup, segregation, preservation, transportation) to realise a sustainable society.