Compound products

Producing tailor-made plastics for customers through
our original compounding techniques

Plastics are necessary in our lives and industry. Petrochemistry invented this revolutionary material.We produce tailor-made plastics for customers through our original compounding techniques.We contribute to society through the manufacture and creation of valuable new plastics. We push forward on the development of techniques to achieve our mission.

Developing Capabilities

We have implemented a number of difficult techniques such as ‘coloration’, which is coloring plastics, and ‘kneading’, which is blending different materials. These techniques are highly regarded by our customers.We believe that the better our plastic’s performance, function, and physical properties, the more respected our company will be.

Response Capabilities

We provide total solutions for plastics through manufacturing compound products and parts for cars, health care, food packaging, and so on. We have know-how in all areas, from raw materials to forming to transporting, and we respond conscientiously to our customers’ needs  all plastics manufacturing sites.

Technical Strength

As chemical professionals, we believe in the infinite possibility of plastics, and contribute our energy on technological development to widen the range of plastics applications. We continue to challenge ourselves to create new value of plastics in our technological the latest equipment.Also, we actively deal with the improvement and cost reduction of existing products by linking closely with manufacturing sites.

Compound Business and Plants

 We have five plants, located in Mie, Ibaraki, Okayama, Saitama and Aichi.

Yokkaichi plant/ Obata (Yokkaichi, Mie)


The Yokkaichi plant is a cutting-edge compound plant which pursues rationalization and labor saving in the process and prides itself on high productivity. This plant mainly manufactures ‘polyolefin’ and ‘thermoplastic elastomers’.

Production line: 16 lines

Products PO resin, special resin
Capacity 47,000T/Y
Application cars, general industrial supplies, health care, foods, daily necessaries, miscellaneous goods.

Kashima plant (Kamisu, Ibaraki)

 The Kashima plant is our production base in eastern Japan. They mainly produce ‘polyolefin’ and ‘thermoplastic elastomers’.  In 2016, two lines were set up and started manufacturing.

Production line: 6 lines

Products PO resin, special resin
Capacity 16,000T/Y
16,000T/Y cars, food packaging

Mizushima plant (Kurashiki, Okayama)


The Mizushima plant is our production base in western Japan. This plant mainly produces functional ‘polyolefin’.

Production line: 4 lines

Products PO resin, special resin
Capacity 9,000T/Y
Application cars, industrial material, food packaging

Saitama plant (Kazo, Saitama)

The Saitama plant has a variety of production lines such as single screw extruders, twin screw extruders, and kneading extruders and it is good at manufacturing small quantities and large variety.This plant mainly produces colored ‘polyolefin’.

 Production line: 14 lines

Products PO resin, special resin
Capacity 16,000T/Y
Application cars, daily necessaries, miscellaneous goods

Nagoya plant (Nagoya, Aichi) Productive line: 5 lines


The Nagoya plant produces high quality soft PVC compound products using techniques and experiences which were developed at the mother plant of PVC compounds of the Mitsubishi Chemical group.

Production line: 5 lines

Products PVC compound
Capacity 30,000T/Y
Application the exterior and interior décor of cars, wire-coating, and so on.