Advantage of Rhombic

We respond to various customer needs with consistently solid techniques
which we have developed which we have developed over a long period of time as a Mitsubishi Chemical company.

consistent service

About Our Business

We are chemical professionals working to create new values of plastics.

Plastics Business

Our original compounding techniques produce plastics to match any customer demands.

Plastics Sales Business

Quickly providing customers with plastics designed to match their needs.

Analysis Business

Proposing optimum designs based on high-precision analytic techniques and experienced inspection.

Logistics Business

Total support for customers in preserving raw materials, distribution processing, packing, and transport.

About Us

We value the wishes of our customers and create new ‘commodities’
and ‘services’ through our chemical know-how.

Since our establishment, a company slogan has been "Challenge, Sweat, Harmony."
This encourages us to tackle changes (Challenge), concentrate our wisdom and effort (Sweat),
and complete the plan with teamwork (Harmony).