Proposing optimum designs based on high-precision analytic techniques
and experienced inspection as a Mitsubishi Chemical Company

As professional analytics specialists, we do our best to solve problems.

As professional analytics specialists,we do our best to solve problems.

The core of our technology is the analysis and evaluation of a wide range of polymer materials, from general-purpose resins to engineering plastics. As professional analytics specialists, we earnestly support our customers by performing various types of polymer analysis based on our wide range of experience (separation analysis using various forms of chromatography, analytics using spectroscopic analysis, etc.) to help with material development and problem solving in the manufacturing processes.

Plolymer analysis・Additive analysis

  • Polydispersity evaluation of polymers utilizing and SEC multidetector systems
  • Compositional analysis and characterization of polymer by FTIR, NMR
  • Component analysis that utlizes technologies for separating and purifying polymer materials
  • Additive analysis utilizing various systems of chromatography

Morphological observation・Foreign material analysis

  • Surface shape monitoring using scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), laser microscopes (LSMs),and scanning probe microscopes (SPMs)
  • Observation of morphology, including crystal structure or polymer alloys, using transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) and utilizing special dyeing technologies
  • Analysis for very small inorganic matter and organic matter utilizing a unique microsampling methods
  • Observation of layer structure of multilayer molded oriducts (film etc.) using SEM, micro FTIR

Physical properties evaluation

  • Molding and various physical properties based on ISO/IEC17025
  • (Plastics Inspection and Analysis Center, RHOMBIC Corporation is an ASNITE accredited laboratory(ASNITE0124T))
  • Kneading (LABO PLASTOMILL (Toyo Seiki Seisaku-syo, Ltd.) extrusion tests including torque measurement), molding (Compression molding,
  • Physical chatacteristic evaluations required for polymer, rubber, materials→Mechanical properties, thermal properties, physical properties, optical properties, gas permeability
  • Rheological properties measurement (dynamic viscosity, shear viscosity, stress relaxation, normal stress, etc.)form solid to molten state
  • PVT (Pressure Volume Temperature) measurement, molding shrinkage
  • Durability promotion tests (weather,light, heat and moisuture resistance, creep, etc.)

Standards testing

  • Food packaging hygiene testing
  • Japanese pharmacopoeia testing、Test of Ministerial Ordinance Concerning Compositional Standards, etc. for Milk and Milk Products.
  • Migration testing on Food Contact substances(Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations )
  • Migration test for Positive List (PL) Registration of Japan Hygienic Olefin and Styrene Plastics Association
  • Migration test for Food and Drug Administration (Food Contact Notification)